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Unparalleled data quality that fits your industries needs  

We have the pilot experience and data technicians are capable of servicing an array of industries to produce unique deliverables with the power to lower your bottom line.

Flight & Data Services

Our mission and promise to you, our client, is to deliver the highest quality geospatial and inspection data possible, data that drives informed business decisions, increases system efficiency, and improves workplace safety.

Survey and Mapping

We use advanced remote sensing technology to digitally reconstruct the surface, providing actionable intelligence for engineers and project managers.

Geospatial 3D Scanning

We use drones to digitize assets and infrastructure for engineering, documentation, inspection, and project planning to create a safer work environment. 

Infrastructure Inspection

Detailed drone captured imagery allows for the detection of structural defects and anomalies before they become problems.

Pipeline Data Acquisition  

As built coordinates, depths, and erosion reports of joints, fittings, and valves reduces maintenance/repair hours while creating a safer working environment. 

Aerial Photo & Video

Ultra high definition 5.2K imaging is only a phone call away. Our pilots specialize in capturing smooth ultra high resolution videos at both slow and high speeds. 

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