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Enhanced Visual LLC

330 North Point Drive Suite 313

Clarion, PA 16214

+1(814) 297-8938

About Enhanced Visual 

Enhanced Visual is a fully licensed and insured unmanned aerial systems solution company. Our goal is to cut costs, increase efficiency, and reduce risk by specializing in drone data collection and analysis. We educate, guide, and collaborate with companies across industries to develop innovative unmanned applications. We are re-inventing the way business decisions are made and executed, we are where technology meets practicality.

Our mission and promise to you, our client, is to deliver the highest quality geospatial and inspection data possible, data that drives informed business decisions, increases system efficiency, and improves workplace safety.

Breaking New Ground

Drones are changing the way businesses manage resources and conduct operation. We understand that change isn't always easy, we work with companies every step along the way to create custom service plans. Our mission is to provide innovative, previously impossible services to enhance work flow. Keeping up with a rapidly evolving technological and regulatory environment remain a top priority.


Awarded 1st Place in PASSHE Business Plan Competition

After realizing the commercial and economic benefits that drone technology provides across industry's Logan Chernicky founded Enhanced Visual, a year later he won the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) business plan competition. He holds dual Bachelor's in Geo-Science and Mineral Resource Geo-Science, a Minor in Geography, and an Advanced Paralegal Certificate from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Before founding EV he worked in the Marcellus Oil and Gas field as well as in the Construction industry. His GIS, construction, and aerial robotics backgrounds are what the company is founded on, understand both the technology and clients needs.

Logan Chernicky 

Owner + Founder

Enhanced Visual is in compliance with all Federal Aviation Association regulations and procedures pertaining to small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) outlined in 14 CFR Part 107