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Infrastructure Inspection 

Both new and aging infrastructure needs reliable documentation and monitoring to extend their lifespans. Detailed drone captured imagery allows for the detection of structural defects and anomalies before they become problems.

We make repairs more precise and easier to execute by providing situational awareness surrounding critical infrastructure. Allowing for accurate decision-making, while improving site safety and avoiding work disruptions.

Inspection data is analyzed and uploaded to our secure online platform. Our simple, intuitive platform lets you store, analyze, and share inspection data. Keep a historical record of infrastructure integrity, print reports, and add users within your company to view reports with geotagged images anywhere with internet connection, effectively connecting field and office personnel.

From power plants to remote, sub-stations, from bridges to transmission lines, and water towers, Enhanced Visual is your innovation partner, helping you produce results faster, less expensive, and with better quality than other options. Select deliverables are AutoCAD and GIS compatible.

What We Handle

  • Qualified & Certified Personnel

  • Compliance Permissions & Reporting

  • Operation Planning

  • Insurance 

  • Data Processing

  • Data Analysis 

  • Equipment 

  • Sensors


Geotagged Images

Data Analysis & Reports

Transmission & Distribution



Vegetation Control


Watershed & Erosion

Water Tower

Associated Projects


Inspection Portal

Our platform lets you store, analyze, and share inspection data. Keep a historical record of infrastructure integrity, print reports, and add users within your company to connect field and office personal.


Water Tower Corrosion Report

Prioritize maintenance intervals, separate variables between towers, and generate a scope of work. Unmanned systems take the human risk out of similar inspection types.  


Ultra High Resolution Imaging

Magnification lenses combined with 5.2k resolution cameras allows us to capture every detail, count threads, and read component ID numbers.  

How Companies Have Benefited

Improve SAIFI by detecting malfunctioning components before they become problems. 

Detailed reports of all your assets and projects gives you quality assurance when filing insurance claims. 

Prioritize tree trimming and confirm completed work for payment. 

Pinpoint Damages
All reports include geo-referenced data, showing the precise position, time, etc.  

Repair Reports

Damage reports make repairs more precise and easier to execute. Online inspection software stores and organizes data for your organization.

Additional Services

Geospatial 3D Scanning

We use drones to digitize assets and infrastructure for engineering, documentation, inspection, and project planning to create a safer work environment. 

Pipeline Data Acquisition  

As built coordinates, depths, and erosion reports of joints, fittings, and valves reduces maintenance/repair hours while creating a safer working environment. 

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