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Geospatial 3D Scanning

“Reality capture” – the process of digitalizing the physical world. Drone based scanning has finally matured into a technology that’s transforming business. These digital reconstructions provide high resolution maps and 3D models of the physical world. 


Drone based scanning offers significant advantages when compared to traditional methods by retaining high physical and geo-spatial accuracy with ultra-high resolution. Scanned models can be generated routinely for change comparison.

Each LAS point cloud data set contains millions of individual points on an X, Y, and Z axis with coordinate and elevation data. Powerful software such as AutoCAD and ArcGIS can be used to measure real life dimensions, distances, and even model flood or demolition scenarios.


Our data technicians can extract and deliver the required information or we can simply deliver the model if your conducting an in-house analysis.


LAS Data Files

AutoCAD Geometry 

Coordinate txt. Files

Demolition Drop Radiuses 

Environment Comparisons 

3D Training Videos

What We Handle

  • Qualified & Certified Personnel

  • Compliance Permissions & Reporting

  • Operation Planning

  • Insurance 

  • Data Processing

  • Data Analysis 

  • Equipment 

  • Sensors

Associated Projects


Substation Cross Section

Cross sections of digitized infrastructure can be used for planning and extension design in AutoCAD.


Digitized Substation

RGB color composite .las point clouds gives field workers and understanding of the site before arrival, improving safety and monitoring aspects.


Substation CAD Geometry

Top down overview of a substation with AutoCAD geometry.

How Companies Have Benefited

Demolition Planning

Dimensions of structures are often outdated or they have shifted over time, 3D scanning gives projects managers a real time overview of their site that they can take measures from.


LAS files can be directly imported and built off of in AutoCAD for more precise planning. 


3D modeled training videos can prepare workers to enter a site they've never seen by identifying muster points, hazardous areas, and emergency equipment. 


Mitigate Risk

Identify unsafe site locations and hazards before they become problems, such as subsiding structures and landslide prone slopes.

Additional Services

Survey and Mapping

We use advanced remote sensing technology to digitally reconstruct the surface, providing actionable intelligence for engineers and project managers.

Infrastructure Inspection

Detailed drone captured imagery allows for the detection of structural defects and anomalies before they become problems.

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