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Pipeline Data Acquisition 

Enhanced Visual aims to save you time, resources, and mitigate risk from liability by making your entire pipeline process safer with complete accurate geospatial data.

The lack of spatially accurate maps of underground infrastructure is an alarming reality in the modern world, causing service interruptions, project delays, cost overruns, property damage, safety risk, and preventable fatalities that cost billions of dollars per year.


There is an urgent need for reliable data regarding the true location and depths of underground utilities as well as a need to have a means of effectively communicate this data to excavators and utility workers. The difference is night and day when mapping underground infrastructure in only 2 dimensions when compared to 3 dimensions. 


Enhanced Visual delivers clients accurate and comprehensive 3D maps and models of their underground infrastructure that can be integrated into existing AutoCAD and GIS systems. Documentation for environmental and project management purposes can also be obtained through-out the installation process.

What We Handle

  • Qualified & Certified Personnel

  • Compliance Permissions & Reporting

  • Operation planning

  • Insurance 

  • Data Processing

  • Data Analysis 

  • Equipment 

  • Sensors


High Resolution Orthoimags

Pre-Construction Surface

Joint, Elbow, and Valve Coordinates-Depths

GIS Data Collection and Managment

Enviromental Documentation 

Surface Erosion Reports

5.2K Imaging

Associated Projects

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 1.58.51 PM.png

3D Surface in ArcGIS

As-Built surface scans can be imported into existing GIS pipeline mapping systems.

pipeopenpic copy.PNG

Georeferencing Field Data

Rapid 3D scanning combined with survey techniques produce spatially reliable surface representations.

Capture copy.PNG

Surface Compare

We are able to monitor erosion patterns and depth changes by stacking surfaces to monitor variations and draw information from. 

How Companies Have Benefited

Time is Money

Streamlined planning and management when dealing with washouts and damaged conduits.

Quality Assurance  

Know what steps contractors completed and when. Have high resolution maps showing what the site looked like before and after they've moved through.   

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate the risk of striking and damaging conduits during future maintenance and excavation. 


Get accurate surface representations when working on steep slopes or hazardous terrain.

Remotely Track Progress 

Keep stakeholders and decision makers informed with fewer site visits by remotely tracking the progress of the site.

Additional Services

Geospatial 3D Scanning

We use drones to digitize assets and infrastructure for engineering, documentation, inspection, and project planning to create a safer work environment. 

Survey and Mapping

We use advanced remote sensing technology to digitally reconstruct the surface, providing actionable intelligence for engineers and project managers.

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