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The UAS Integration Pilot Program – Why it matters and what it means to you

If you have any familiarity with the UAS Industry, then you have heard about the UAS Integration Pilot Program, but if you haven’t, we are going to bring you up to speed. The pilot program was created by the United States Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration to accelerate the integration of drones into commercial operations and spur innovation.

As we have continuously boasted, drones are changing the way business’s conduct operations and manage risk. There are many organizations globally capitalizing on relaxed and favorable regulations that promote research and innovation regarding the development of cutting-edge drone applications. To this point, The United States has not been a hotspot for companies looking to develop these capabilities, but this program is designed to change that.

Simply, the goal of the program is to test and validate cutting edge drone applications. The program will do this by:

  1. Creating a partnership framework for private sector and state, local, and tribal governments to achieve broader national issues.

  2. Fostering technological innovation that will create high-paying jobs.

  3. Advance UAS industry by informing development of enabling regulation, that permit more complex demand-driven operations.

  4. Push the boundaries of UAS use by expanding what is routinely authorized under the small UAS rule.

Companies looking to get involved in the program should submit an application that should cover:

  1. Development and testing of innovative UAS concepts.

  2. Aggressive integration objectives.

  3. Diverse set of operations in diverse environments.

For more information on The UAS Integration Pilot Program and its implication’s check out:

  1. Screening Information Request (SIR) for detailed instructions on the application process.

  2. Application timelines is based on publication of the Federal Register Notice (FRN).

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