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Optimize your Infrastructure Inspection Process

Where Technology Meets Practicality

Enhanced Visual is a drone service provider, we use FAA approved pilots and intelligent flight systems to help both large and small businesses capitalize on advances in drone technology.

Our goal is to lower your bottom-line by cutting costs and increasing efficiency. We do this by creating custom service plans. Providing actionable insight to engineers, inspectors, and project managers to decrease man hours on and off site. Change isn't always easy, but it is inevitable and much easier with Enhanced Visual because we are where technology meets practicality.

Reliable Data in Dramatically Less Time, Showing Every Angle of the Structure.

Getting the information, you need faster and safer for a more efficient workflow. Our cameras capture all the critical details in real time as well as record them for later review.

High resolution 5280×3956-pixel count imagery equipped with a magnifying lens eliminates the need for manual inspection. This allows inspections to take place from a distance, lowering risk and increasing overall inspection speed. We identify hazards before they become problems by using thermal imaging to see the unseen, revealing potential hazards and detecting faulty components at or near failure. Finally, we help you understand your surroundings using photogrammetry. This allows us to perform high resolution geo-spatial mapping to quickly and accurately survey the land surrounding your infrastructure.

Data Delivery Systems

Enhanced Visual partners with innovative data management companies to process, deliver, store, and share data. Decreasing man hours on and off site.

Our software platforms are designed to handle large amounts of image-based inspection data. When partnering with Enhanced Visual, you get custom company log-ins for inspectors and field workers within your company. We help integrate the same software used by large utility and infrastructure companies who operate power transmission lines, wind farms, and railroads. ​

We export multiple file formats to fit your needs, striving to not only gather high quality data but also enable you to incorporate it into your systems.

Some of our Methods

  • Power-line substation inspection shows damaged and overheating components.

  • Overhead pole inspections show rotten cross-members and damaged components.

  • Tower inspections give climbers insight to hazards and points of interest before arriving on site.

  • Power-line and towers can remain functional during inspection.

  • Water retains heat longer than the roof's surface. This allows us to identify water prone or damaged locations using thermal imaging.

  • Thermal Imaging identifies areas of your building that are losing heat.

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