Drone-Based Analytics and Inspections for Oil & Gas

Monitor and inspect oil and gas assets to reduce downtime, manage well projects, and mitigate environmental hazards.

We provide decision makers with the ability to manage pipeline right-of-ways, inspect well sites, and manage other oil and gas assets effectively, our drone-based workflow delivers a flexible, cost-efficient solution to inspect oil and gas assets.

Traditional methods of monitoring oil and gas assets are hazardous and time consuming. Teams of roustabouts, maintenance directors, and environmental professionals each drive from asset to asset, or walk pipelines only to take notes on a clipboard or mobile device. Meanwhile, costly helicopter inspections take to the air, introducing additional costs and safety variables while lacking the capability to navigate complex assets and collect high value data.

Drones allow us to collect more data, faster, and frequently.

  • SAFETY - Keep personnel out of hazardous site locations.

  • AUTOMATION - Automated repeatable data collection.

  • COST - Collect vastly more information in a shorter period of time.

  • ACTIONABLE DATA - Gain insight to make real time decisions.



Diverse data outputs integrate with existing asset management systems such as Autodesk and GIS products.

Pad development and planning: Get accurate aerial information on site conditions to visualize scope of work and identify potential challenges.

As-built conformance: High resolution aerial imagery overlaid with provided blueprints.

Drainage models: Drainage algorithm predicts water flow using 3D surface scanning data.

Slope threat models: Identify slip prone areas by highlighting slopes based on gradient.

Vegetation analysis: Near-inferred light is used to detect leaf chlorophyll levels, calculate health, and determine growth percentages.

Volumetric measurements: Estimate earthwork movements and confirm as-built to design plans.

Documentation: 3D scan underground infrastructure before and after it is buried to obtain precise location and depth. Full project documentation resolves disputes and makes transitions seamless.

Structural inspections: Identify anomalies on both surface and vertical assets, collecting more data while reducing hazardous man hours.

Stakeholders: Connect field and office personnel to near real time site conditions while promoting positive shareholder and regulator perceptions. 


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