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It's not just about collecting data, it's about what you do with it. Use our intuitive visual inspection reporting system helps resolve issues faster, while our comprehensive reports highlight applicable analytics.

Analyzed data must be delivered in a user-friendly format. A simple PDF report is one common way that Enhanced Visual customers choose to receive their data. For energy inspections, we often use ArcGIS or Scopito to produce an interactive webmap, with detailed, geo-located images and data that can be sorted by damage severity or type.


We make repairs more precise and easier to execute, providing situational awareness surrounding critical infrastructure. Collecting asset field data makes for accurate decision-making, while improving site safety and avoiding work disruptions.

Processed drone data produces many file types that are rich in data, but can’t be used easily in CAD and GIS software. Many very large files, like point clouds or full resolution orthophotos, are so large and cumbersome that they can’t be imported or manipulated in CAD/GIS without causing problems. We’ve designed this workflow with the end user in mind, whether that’s producing a full comprehensive report, extracting geospatial data, or simply preparing the files to be easily used without GIS/CAD adjustments. 

What We Handle

  • Reporting 

  • Sharing

  • Storage


We take full advantage of all the benefits drone technology offers by keeping a diverse portfolio of service options. Dynamic service options allow us to work with clients on developing new programs.

As-Built Overlay

2D orthomosaics are overlaid with site plans or CAD drawings to identify discrepancies between planned and actual progress.


A detailed, accurate photo representation of an area, created out of many photos that have been stitched together and geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) making it as accurate as a map.

Vegetation Condition

Aerial images are used to identify and locate vegetation over-growth and health conditions, typically on a pipelines or along utility lines.

Drainage & Watershed

Advanced computer modeling and digital elevation models (DEMs) are used to visualize drainage patterns and watersheds.

Construction Progress Tracking

Collecting aerial imagery at regular intervals to track changes over time and document milestone completions.

Volumetric Analysis

Using 2D and 3D data to estimate the volume of earthwork, cut and fill, or stockpiles. Repeated volumetric analysis of stockpiles can track usage over time.

Elevation Map

A map of a ground area that is true to the shape and features of the surface of the earth to highlight variations in site grading.

Defect Identification

Identification, classification, and geolocation of defects for a wide array of applications including flare stacks, utility poles, and boilers.


 Our visual inspection reporting system resolves issues faster, highlighting points of interests, and offers flexible sharing options all on a secure encrypted network.

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  • Store, analyze, and share visual inspection data

  • Keep a historical record of infrastructure integrity

  • Reports include geo-referenced data, showing the precise position, time, etc.

  • View high resolution orthoimages over street or satellite base maps 

  • Add users within your company to connect field and office personal

  • Printable reports make repairs more precise and easier to execute


Everyone has different goals, whether you're looking to improve efficiency, save money on time-consuming field operations or want to improve workplace safety, we provide a custom cost-effective approach.


Our mission and promise to you, our client, is to deliver the highest quality geospatial and inspection data possible, data that drives informed business decisions, increases system efficiency, and improves workplace safety.



We provide full circle expert services for your organization, learn what all goes into planning a mission.

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Learn about the industries we specialize in, services we provide for them, and how you can benefit.



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