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We leverage the value of robotic technologies. These innovations allow us to provide high quality, cost effective, surveys in a fraction of the time of traditional survey methods.


Our diverse data sets support all aspects of planning, conformance, and monitoring in the AEC and Construction industries. We provide project managers with the ability to remotely assess sites, track progress, and inspect structures.

Accuracy in the pre-design, design, and engineering phases is vital to proper and timely construction, and our staff are well-versed in working with engineers and contractors to ensure accuracy. 

From complex urban environments to remote, environmentally sensitive locations, from roads and bridges to earthen dams, and power plants, Enhanced Visual is your innovation partner, helping produce results faster, less expensive, and with better quality than other options.

What We Handle

  • Qualified & Certified Personnel

  • Compliance Permissions & Reporting

  • Operation Design

  • Insurance 

  • Data Processing

  • Data Analysis 

  • Equipment 

  • Sensors


Associated Projects

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 8.29.47 PM.png

Orthoimage with CAD Overlay

Our geospatial orthoimages are essentially satellite images with resolution under 1inch, each pixel also contains X & Y coordinates allowing us to compare design files to actual progress.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 9.48.41 PM.png

Slope Gradients with Contours

Slope gradients can be colorized by their percentage, contours can also be included to show elevations and intervals.  

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 9.50.10 PM.png

Cut/Fill/Net Design Comparison 

By comparing actual surface elevations to the design surface, we are able to calculate the total cut, fill, and net volume of dirt to be moved and from where.

How Companies Have Benefited

Consultants Manage More

Contractors, supervisors, and teams can answer simple questions themselves by remotely accessing detailed site information. 


Easy access to the data necessary for loss control, under-writing, and claims while improving efficiency. 

Mitigate Risk

Identify unsafe site locations and hazards before they become problems.


Get accurate reconstruction data to visualize the scope of the project and the work that will need done.

Remotely Track Progress 

Keep stakeholders and decision makers informed with fewer site visits by remotely tracking the progress of your site.

Additional Services


We document and advise environmental control plans for quality assurance. We generate watershed maps, erosion reports, and sediment control plans.  

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