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RPG Resources Partnership

We are exited to announce our new partnership with RPG Resources, LLC. Logan Chernicky has been working close with RPG since August 2019 and is now working as their Chief Pilot/Aerial Operations Manager. Chernicky will continue to provide UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) consulting services through Enhanced Visual while providing all field and data services through RPG Resources.

RPG is based out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. In addition to UAS services, RPG provides Inspection, Operational Oversight, Production Water Management, Environmental, and Engineering Services. RPG prides itself on the ability to provide experienced leaders and reliable solutions to customers, safely, while protecting the environment and the communities they work in. Visit for more info.

Below is a list of highlighted UAS services RPG will be offering

As-Built Overlay


  • As-Built Conformance - High resolution aerial imagery overlaid with provided blueprints.

  • Drainage Model - Drainage algorithm predicts water flow using 3D surface scanning data.

  • Slope Threat Model - Identify slip prone areas by highlighting slopes based on gradient.

  • Vegetation Analysis - Near-inferred light is used to detect leaf chlorophyll levels, calculate health, and determine growth percentages.


  • High Resolution Imaging - 5.2K resolution cameras equipped with magnifying lenses give powerful insight to engineers, inspectors, and project managers. RPG partners with innovative data management companies to deliver, store, and share inspection imagery. Decreasing man hours on and off site, while giving clients online access to customizable reports.

RAW Files (CAD & GIS Compatible)

RAW Files
  • Orthomosaic - Essentially a high resolution satellite image. It’s georeferenced, spatially accurate, and current.

  • DEM - Digital Elevation Models are TIN surfaces generated from our 3D Point Clouds.

  • 3D Point Clouds - LAS. Point Cloud files consist of millions of individual data points on an XYZ axis.

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